Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This past weekend was a blast.

Friday: Two of my friends and I found three yellow bikes, all for the most part intact. That's pretty rare, if I do say so myself. So we rode around for a couple hours like dorks and were amused for quite a while.

Saturday: Went to Gabapolooza with a few friends. It was nice sitting out in the sun with the perfect weather and all. And I got Henna, which was pretty awesome. Then around fiveish, I went to Gabaldon to help one of my friends bake for a surprise party on Sunday. We were there until like 1:30 in the morning. It was intensely fun, but we were exhausted after.

Sunday: Woke up around 8ish, waiting for the birthday girl to leave for church, and then decorated her room. Then we ran around like crazy people setting up on Gabaldon field for the party. Around 12:30 she arrived, completely shocked. She was truly surprised. We played outside for basically the whole day. And I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy frisbee. I played it for like two hours. :P And can't forget the sunburn that I obtained from being in the sun the entire weekend.

But, it was amazing. w00t.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well, Friday I did the Relay For Life. It was a lot of fun.

I was with a few friends. There was a lot more dancing than I was expecting, including Cotton Eye Joe and The Cha Cha Slide, and it kept me awake and entertained. At one point, two PES teachers from the school taught a Jazzercize class. I did a little, but it seemed like something geared more towards people who are either older or don't have as much endurance, per say. It was just amusing to watch others do it. :P

At one point, they played MMM Bop by Hanson for a fundraiser type thing, "Stop The Bop." Basically, they would play it over and over until they had enough money raised from it. Six times later, their goal was met. It was kind of amusing because I hadn't heard it in so long, so it didn't really bother me, as sad as it is haha.

Anyway, all in all, I had a grand 'ol time. I would highly suggest doing it next year if you weren't there. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I still don't quite understand the point of these blogs. All I do is ramble on about random stuff, stuff that really isn't important. *sigh* Oh well.

I recently started taking zumba. What, you may ask, is zumba? Well, it's an aerobics class that incorporates latin dancing into it. It's quite a fun class. It's my new favorite thing to do. :)

Oh man. My best friend last night dyed her hair blonde and definitely got herself a hawk. It looks pretty sweet, not gonna lie. I wish I could pull off some cool hairstyle like that. But no. My hair is entirely too curly. I've been told I should have a fro and dredlocks before. Honestly, both of those hairstyles scare me. I would probably have to perm my hair, I know-perm it, for the fro, and then if I dredded it, my hair would be ruined. I would have to shave my head to get rid of them someday. Too intense for me I think.

And thus ends my ramble for the day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Since I can't really think of a whole lot to say at this point, I'm going to post a poem that my best friend wrote:

It Is Black Or White

It can be sunshine and flowers,
Or it can be a knife through the heart.
It can be like unveiling a magical genie’s bottle,
Or it can be like a sliver from a wooden plank.
It can be a picnic on a warm summer day,
Or it can be getting caught outside on a dark stormy night.
It can be like a beautiful new dress, covered with bows and lace,
Or it can be like falling down the stairs at your middle school.
It can be an elegantly wrapped present, eagerly waiting to be opened,
Or it can be a dead pet on your child’s birthday.
It can be like a new masterpiece, painted with only the loveliest of colors,
Or it can be like a piece of shit on your doorstep.
No matter what it is,
There is nothing like the truth.

Well, if anyone is looking for some new music to check out, definitely give DragonForce a look. I just recently got into them. They remind me of an 80s rock band, but crazier. Some of you might recognize "Through the Fire and the Flames" from Guitar Hero III. They're pretty awesome. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

So last night I saw the movie 21. It was pretty good. Throughout the movie Jim Sturgess, who had to put on an American accent, had little slip ups and you could detect his English accent. I was amused. But, I suggest that you all see it. Muy bueno.