Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Since I can't really think of a whole lot to say at this point, I'm going to post a poem that my best friend wrote:

It Is Black Or White

It can be sunshine and flowers,
Or it can be a knife through the heart.
It can be like unveiling a magical genie’s bottle,
Or it can be like a sliver from a wooden plank.
It can be a picnic on a warm summer day,
Or it can be getting caught outside on a dark stormy night.
It can be like a beautiful new dress, covered with bows and lace,
Or it can be like falling down the stairs at your middle school.
It can be an elegantly wrapped present, eagerly waiting to be opened,
Or it can be a dead pet on your child’s birthday.
It can be like a new masterpiece, painted with only the loveliest of colors,
Or it can be like a piece of shit on your doorstep.
No matter what it is,
There is nothing like the truth.

Well, if anyone is looking for some new music to check out, definitely give DragonForce a look. I just recently got into them. They remind me of an 80s rock band, but crazier. Some of you might recognize "Through the Fire and the Flames" from Guitar Hero III. They're pretty awesome. :)

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